Who are good candidates for the SaeboGlove?

There are 3 groups that qualify for the SaeboGlove ranging from those with some finger extension, to those with very little extension.

There are 3 groups of clients that qualify for the SaeboGlove: High-Level Neuro, Low-Level Neuro, and Orthopedic.

1. High-Level Neuro: These clients exhibit some finger extension but not full. They may have used the SaeboFlex, but are no longer challenged by it. They may exhibit mild hypertonicity, but not enough to prevent him or her from extending the fingers to some degree. They still suffer from hand function impairment including fine motor control, weak flexors and weak extensors. Numerous repetitions may be difficult due to weak finger extension strength and endurance. Radial tone may be more prevalent (thumb/index finger). They are typically in the outpatient setting.

2. Low-Level Neuro: This group exhibits very minimal or no wrist/finger extension and are very low tone or flaccid. They are not impeded by hypertonicity. They are typically in the inpatient setting. A majority may require NMES/FES with the Glove.

3. Orthopedic: This group typically has a diagnosis of radial nerve palsy/brachial plexus injury/fractures. They exhibit wrist drop and lack finger extension strength.