Troubleshooting the SaeboStim One (formerly SaeboStim Go)

Having trouble with your SaeboStim One? Use this Troubleshooting Guide to get your device up and running again!

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The Control Unit will not power on.

Here are the steps to troubleshoot your SaeboStim One if, when you press the power button, the unit does not power on and/or the light does not illuminate.

Step 1: Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. If the light does not come on, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Inspect the USB charging cord for tears, fraying, or splits. If your USB charging cord is damaged, you may need to request a new cord. Please contact 888-284-5433 or Open a Support Ticket to do so. If your USB charging cord is intact, please proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Ensure the unit has been charged for at least 2.5 hours since the last time you tried to power on the device.

To fully troubleshoot per the manufacturer's recommendation, try charging the device for 5 hours.

Step 4: Connect the control unit to the power cord head. If the light is blinking, charge the unit for up to 5 hours, or until the light is no longer flashing. 

Step 5: Inspect the connection between the power cord head and the control unit to see if you notice any gaps. If the unit pops off too easily from the power cord head, or there seems to be an issue with the connection, proceed to Step 6.

Step 6: Let's walk through correctly connecting the power cord to the control unit.

    1. Place the control unit on a table with the button side facing down. 
    2. Locate the two small holes at the bottom of the control unit. 
    3. Hold the power cord head next to the control unit, with the magnet side up, so that the two metal prongs are oriented at the same end as the two small holes on the control unit. 
    4. Slowly flip the head of the power cord over so that it connects to the control unit and the magnets engage so you can pick the control unit up off the table. 

Step 7: Once you have established a secure connection between the power cord head and the control unit, charge the unit for up to 5 hours. If your device still will not power on, please call 888-284-5433 or Open a Support Ticket for further assistance. 

The light on the Control Unit is blinking.

If the light on your SaeboStim One Control Unit is blinking, it means that the battery is low. The unit needs to recharge. Please follow the steps above to ensure a good connection and recharge your unit for at least 2.5 hours. 

The Control Unit is beeping and won’t produce stimulation. 

Beeping from the Control Unit is a safety indicator; it means there is a bad connection.

  1. Check to see if the control unit is working properly by applying to your skin or placing it on another set of wings, if available. 
  2. Ensure the Gel Pads are placed on the Wings correctly.
  3. Do you feel stimulation when pressing the Wings and gel pads closer to your skin?
  4. If not, please replace the gel pads and try again. 

The Control Unit powers ON, the light illuminates, but no stimulation is felt.

If you are not feeling stimulation while the Control Unit is powered on and attached to your skin, please follow the following troubleshooting tips. 

Step 1: Please ensure the clear plastic film has been completely removed from the Gel Pads.

Step 2: Make sure the Gel Pads are properly attached to your skin. The area should be clean and free of lotion, cream, sweat, thick hair, or dead skin before applying the Gel pads. The Gel Pads should be moist and sticky.

Tip: Try cleaning your skin with mild soap and water or rubbing alcohol and let the area dry completely before applying the Gel Pads.

Step 3: Ensure the Wings are properly attached to the Control Unit. The Wings are magnetic, and you should hear a “snapping” noise when attaching the Wings to the control unit. 

Tip: Try pressing the Wings against your skin while the unit is running. 

Step 4: Make sure you are not turning the intensity down instead of up!   

  • When looking at the unit, the "Saebo" logo should be right-side up. 
  • There are two raised dots on the Intensity Control Button above the Saebo logo, which increase the intensity of the unit. The single raised dot below the Saebo logo lowers the intensity. 

Step 5: Inspect the Wings for any signs of damage or wear and tear. 

  • Blue paint rubbing or scratched off the top of the Wings (shown below) is okay.
  • Silver paint coming off the bottom of the Wings, or torn edges of the Wing (shown below) may interrupt electrical stimulation across the Wing.

If you notice damage to the Wings, you may need to order Replacement Wings from our Online Shop. 

NOTE: This product has a 90-day warranty for the Wings and a 1-year warranty for the control unit. For international sales, there is a 2-year warranty for the control unit.


The Gel Pads are not sticking to the skin.

If you are having trouble getting your Gel Pads to adhere properly to your skin, ensure you have followed the guidelines below. If you would like to order new Gel Pads, please visit our Online Shop!

  • Ensure the Gel Pads are firmly attached to the Wings.
  • Do not apply any lotion, body oil, oil-based soap, or any type of soap that has oil in it on your hands or skin. If you have recently washed your hands or skin with an oil-based cleanser, this can affect the conductivity of the Gel Pads. 
    • Sometimes long/coarse body hair will prohibit the gel pad from properly sticking to the skin. If this seems to be the issue, it is recommended to remove the hair prior to applying the Gel Pads. 
      • Dry, flakey skin has a tendency to stick to the Gel Pads and other electrodes causing them to quickly lose their stickiness. Try cleaning and exfoliating the area and allowing it to dry completely before applying the Gel Pads.  
              • When storing your Gel Pads, be sure to replace the thin plastic sheets on the Gel Pads and place the Wings into the polybag immediately after using them. Do not leave the Gel Pads exposed for too long, or they will dry out. Do not place your Gel Pads or Wings in heat or direct sunlight; store them in a cool, dry area. 

              Still having issues with your SaeboStim One? Contact your representative at 888-284-5433 or Open a Support Ticket for further assistance.