SaeboVR Troubleshooting Tips

This guide will provide solutions to troubleshoot common SaeboVR issues.



Compensatory Motion and Torso Movement

· SaeboVR only recognizes shoulder and elbow movements. Compensatory leaning is ignored

· Instruct patients to use their arm only, and to avoid forward, backward, or side-to-side leaning


· It is common for new users to over-reach past or through targeted objects

· Ask the patient to bring the arm back so the avatar hand is on the targeted object

· To help users know they are overreaching, the avatar hand turns blue when it has "gone inside" a virtual object. This is a cue to bring the hand back so it can be seen normally

Resetting Kinect Sensor Tracking

· If the avatar does not appear to be following the patient's arm, Kinect tracking may need to be reset

· Click the "K" key on the keyboard to reset Kinect tracking

· You should then see the avatar following the patient's arms

Wrong Person Tracked

· If resetting the Kinect using "K" key does not work, the Kinect may be tracking the wrong person (a different person in the sensor field of view)

· Click the "P" key on the keyboard to change the person being tracked. If there are multiple persons in the sensor field of view, you may need to repeat multiple times to find the correct person

· You should then see the avatar following the patients' arms

Bad Sensor Angle

· Poor tracking may result if the sensor is not facing the patient. Ensure the sensor is properly facing the seated user

· Adjusting the sensor alignment should improve tracking

Remove Bulky Overgarments

· A bulky jacket or sweater can make it difficult for the sensor to track a user. If tracking is poor, remove bulky overgarments

Smudged Sensor Lens

· If the sensor lens becomes dirty or smudged, poor tracking can result. Clean the lens carefully with a microfiber cloth or an isopropyl alcohol wipe

Force Exit From Activity

· If for any reason you need to exit an activity and return to the player dashboard, use the Shift+Esc key sequence

· Press the Shift and Esc keys simultaneously

Force Exit from SaeboVR Application

· If the SaeboVR program becomes unresponsive, you may need to force the program to exit and then restart. Use the Alt+Fn+F4 key sequence

· Restart the SaeboVR patient application normally

Pause an Activity

· You may pause an activity at any time by using the ESC key on the keyboard

· Clicking the ESC key again unpauses the activity

Mouse Click to Complete a Task

· All tasks in the SaeboVR activities can be completed using a mouse click on the target object (employing the touchpad on the keyboard)

· If a patient is unable to complete a movement, the therapist can use the mouse to progress to the next task. Just move the cursor to the targeted object and click


· If a patient has difficulty completing a reaching movement, the non-affected arm may be used to self-assist

Hand-Over-Hand Assist

· If self-assist is not possible, the therapist may perform a hand-over-hand assist. Note that, in some cases, this may degrade the quality of tracking

Press “C” for Auto-Complete

· Anytime during an activity, the therapist has the option to press the “C” key to complete the action (e.g. pick up or place an object) for the patient in the event he or she can’t quite complete the movement due to strength, range of motion, or tracking issues.