Troubleshooting SaeboReJoyce graphics issues

How do you fix the graphics on the SaeboReJoyce laptop if the picture has stripes and/or blocks?

If you are experiencing stripes or blocks on the screen during the tennis application, the graphics issue is likely due to the Adobe Air script that the computer is currently running on. 

  • First, exit the SaeboReJoyce software. 
  • Make sure the laptop is connected to the Internet.
  • Visit to download the current version of Adobe Air (version 25 or newer), and install the downloaded file (overwriting the previous version of Adobe Air). 
  • After installation, restart the SaeboReJoyce software and restart the tennis app.

That should solve your graphics issue.  If you are still experiencing issues with the graphics on your SaeboReJoyce, please call 888-284-5433 or open a Support Ticket