How do you put on the SaeboStretch?

Here are visual donning instructions for the SaeboStretch dynamic hand splint

Step 1: Undo the straps.


Step 2: Place the splint under the forearm.

place splint below forearm

Step 3: Separate the little (pinky) finger away from the ring finger.

separate little finger

Step 4: Place finger straps between the little (pinky) finger and ring finger.

place finger straps

Step 5: Secure the wrist strap.

secure the wrist

Step 6: Secure the forearm strap. 

secure forearm strap

Step 7: Press the hand down and secure the strap diagonally across the hand.

secure the strap diag

Step 8: Secure the other finger straps across the hand.

secure finger straps

Step 9: Using two hands, straighten the thumb.

straighten thumb

Step 10: Secure the thumb strap.

secure thumb strap


Watch the video below for additional assistance in fitting the SaeboStretch.