How do I replace the Lace on my SaeboStep (Gen 1)?

This video will show you how to replace the Lace on your SaeboStep (Gen 1).


You can also refer to this downloadable guide to Replacing the Lace on Your SaeboStep Brace.


Step 1: Pull dial outward to engage the spool.



Step 2: Pull on the lace to unwind.



Step 3: Insert flat tool in between cartridge and base and pry upwards to release the cartridge from the brace. Cartridge will pop out.



Step 4: Use a flat tool (such as a screwdriver) to gently pry the red piece out.



Step 5: Remove the spool from the cartridge.



Step 6: Tease the knots out of the center of the spool.



Step 7: Clip offthe knots on both ends of the lace.



Step 8: Remove lace from spool, cartridge, and brace. Remove flexible tubing from old lace.



Step 9A: Thread knot end of the lace upward through an upper guide.

Step 9B: Thread the other end through the lower guide and then up through the opposite upper guide.



Step 10: Thread both ends of lace through the correct cartridge opening.



Step 11: With the spool teeth facing the cartridge, thread both ends of lace through correct openings in the spool and out through the side with the arrow.



Step 12: Tie knots on each end of the lace as close to the end as possible. Trim off any excess length exceeding 1/8”.




Step 13: Pull the lace back through the spool so the knots are secured in the middle of the spool. The knots should not come out of the top of the spool.



Step 14: Click the cartridge and spool together so that arrow on the spool and the arrow on the tab of the cartridge are aligned as closely as possible.




Step 15: Insert red piece into the middle of the spool horizontally as shown and push it until it clicks and holds the spool in place.



Step 16: Re-insert cartridge into the base by putting the bottom tab in first, then clicking the cartridge into place.



Step 17: Ensure that the dial is pushed in to engage the spool, then wind the laces by twisting the dial clockwise. LEAVE SLACK WHEN NOT IN USE – NEVER WIND LACE COMPLETELY INTO THE BOA.