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How do I get a prescription for the SaeboStim One or SaeboStim Pro?

Some Saebo electrical stimulation devices require a prescription from your doctor. Here's an easy Rx form to give to your physician!

The SaeboStim One, SaeboStim Pro, and Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti will require a prescription from your doctor before we can ship your order.

We encourage you to send our Electrical Stimulation Prescription form to your healthcare provider. Prescriptions may be faxed to Saebo at 855-414-0037 or emailed to sales@saebo.com

NOTE: To ensure the most efficient customer service, please ensure the Patient Name on the Order matches the Patient Name on the Prescription Form.

If you require further assistance with acquiring a prescription, please call 888-284-5433 or Open a Support Ticket